Why Suisse

Swiss financial excellence

Thanks to its legal system, the rigorous nature of its political institutions, historically low rates of inflation and the stability of its currency, the Swiss Confederation offers investors the world over a privileged place to make investment decisions regarding their assets.

Around one-third of assets under management internationally are entrusted to Swiss bankers and institutions. Each Swiss bank ensures its customers a high level of confidentiality.

Banca Aletti Suisseā€™s philosophy is based on the central importance of the customer, to whom it offers a service of high standing characterised by expertise, professionalism and discretion, with the goal of establishing a long-lasting business relationship, based on mutual respect and trust.

The professionalism and experience of its advisors, combined with the ability to access the best financial products and services on the market, ensure all needs are met.

A presence in Switzerland offers customers a valuable opportunity to diversify the investment of part of their assets in a privileged “AAA” environment, recognised at international level.