About us

Experience and professionalism for our customers

Banca Aletti & C. (Suisse) S.A. is a Swiss bank based in Lugano, founded in 2000 and operating specifically in the management and administration of private and institutional customer assets.

The experience acquired over the years, strong relationship with the relevant Group (Banco Popolare) and close-knit network of relations with the leading international financial institutions, have allowed the bank to develop into an entity that possesses high quality technical expertise and in which customer service is a key element of the business.

All combined with essential values such as discretion and professionalism, the backbone of the relationship of trust between bank and customer.

Banca Aletti Suisse meets the needs of its customers through a wide range of financial products and services.

By offering a variety of different types of Asset Management products, it is able to satisfy a broad range of investor requirements, through investment lines diversified by risk profile, currency and geographical allocation.

Management activities are supported by a series of services such as the availability of multi-currency accounts, the distribution of Funds and Sicavs, investment advisory services and the provision of loans (including Lombard Loans). The Bank is equipped with a modern and efficient brokerage structure, and is active in securities dealing, currency trading and derivative business.

Banca Aletti Suisse also has safe deposit boxes and vaults.